Security Risk Management

Alams Aware

We understand that risk is dynamic; this enables us to provide detailed, flexible security plans. Our technology and diligence ensures we deliver proactive oversight and management strategies to adapt to the unpredictable Middle Eastern landscape.

Our experience in the region and our methods allow us to identify specific risks for the personnel, information and assets of our clients throughout the Middle East. By clearly defining and communicating security risk through detailed risk profiling we enable our clients to make informed decisions about protecting their operations.

Our solutions are not over-engineered and are tailored to the needs of each client, enabling us to deliver cost effective security controls. Our strategic location in the United Arab Emirates means we are well placed to provide coverage, at short notice, anywhere in the region.

Security management is not an exact science, threats evolve over time and new threats emerge unexpectedly, especially in the contemporary environment. This can lead to risk assessments becoming immediately redundant; Alams Consultants have recognized the need to supply our clients with real time updates on any situational changes to support the constant decision-making process. Alams Eye allows our clients to keep their staff fully aware of events that may have an effect on their safety and communicate instructions in a timely manner.

Our security risk measures involve the creation of a risk framework, coupled with on-line and practical training to empower your current workforce to deliver effective security. Unlike most other companies we only recommend the embedding of our consultants as a last resort.

Alams Consultants have a proven track record of securing our clients assets within the region via a diligent work ethic, effective communications and the use of the latest technology.

Key Deliverables from Alams Consultants:

  • Full methodology embedded into our clients organization (strategy, process, response plans etc)
  • Embedding of experienced consultants to manage and refine security risk strategies
  • Drone imagery to enable detailed and easily communicable protection strategies
  • Smart access control
  • Evacuation planning (for clients operating in unstable states)
  • Crisis management and business continuity