Alams Eye

Alams Aware

Alams Eye is a tool that provides unparalleled situational awareness, enabling timely decisions to mitigate risk.

Alams Eye is a bespoke application that provides our clients with situational awareness of the environment and their personnel. It comes with a built in intuitive dashboard, which can be tailored to suit the needs of our client and the travel activity.

It enables travel risk management by an automatic, passive system delivering real-time tracking of all staff members, providing accountability at the touch of a button. Any changes to the environment are immediately updated, coupled with Alams Consultants analysis of the effect to any activities. Emergency alerts can be sent to all carriers ensuring prompt action to increase the chances of successful mitigation measures and facilitate crisis management.

  • Our first to market App allows us to monitor the progress of your staff throughout their travels
  • Movement progress is tracked through our dashboard for your team to view
  • This level of visibility is vital for crisis management and event planning
  • Alams Eye sends notifications to individuals or groups, these can be routine or crisis management instructions
  • Alams Eye empowers our clients and provides them with critical information in real time