Alams Child Tracking

Alams Aware

The ultimate piece of mind when securing minors under your care. Simple and effective, Alams Child Tracker has set a new benchmark for families and schools to protect children on excursions.

Going on a school or nursery trip? Coming to the UAE on business or pleasure?

We will provide specially designed children’s watches to help you track and monitor children under your care, whether it is for your family or for a school trip.

We will provide you with the ability to:

  • Track any of the children under your responsibility within 5 seconds – accurate to 5m
  • Call them up on their watch and talk to them within 10 seconds
  • Send voice messages such as ‘come back to the group’
  • Geo-fencing - The watch will alert you if a child leaves a defined area that you can set on the phone
  • Provide the child with an SOS button they can press if they’re concerned or lost
  • Provide the child with the capability to call any one of three predefined numbers at a touch of a button
  • Alert you if the watch is removed

It's affordable and simple - We’ll do everything for you:

  • Select the required color and model
  • Install our app on your phone
  • Link the watch to the app
  • Show you and the child its features